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New Pokemon World


Nissa Magana, Staff Writer

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Get ready trainers for the new world of pokémon soon that arrived on March 6, 2011! Experience the new 5th generation pokémon that has added 156 more creatures to the pokédex and see everything else Pokémon Black and White have to offer.

Game Freak and Creatures Inc. have developed Pokémon from the start. This time the new games are located in the new Unova region where these new pokémon are from. Pokémon Black and White has many incredible features, which includes 3D graphics. When Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold, and Soul Silver versions the pokémon games have “evolved” with the new 3D effects. Black and White versions take this further to make game play more satisfying.
Three brand new special features that Black and White have are the two new methods of battle.There is the new triple and rotation battle that takes the concept of a pokémon battle even further. A triple battle is almost the same as a double battle that was introduced in Ruby and Sapphire versions. The only difference is the gamers three pokémon are out to battle at the same time instead of two. This gives the individual the opportunity to have all three pokémon attack within one battle. A rotation battle is similar to a triple battle, but instead of having all three of your pokémon attack the player chooses a main pokémon to be out in front to attack once. This is then followed by the opponent’s turn, which returns to you where one gets to rotate which pokémon you want to attack with next. Another exciting feature in Black and White is the camera zooms in and out during battle.

Since Crystal version, the day and night feature has been introduced to the games, but now there is the new season feature. The player now gets to witness spring, summer, fall, and winter throughout the whole Unova region. The background music changes to accommodate the different seasons. Certain pokémon also change their appearance depending on the season as well.

In the past, pokémon has dealt with the evil Team Rocket and other teams that try doing bad things to pokémon and the whole region. Team Rockets mischievous acts can include forcing legendary pokémon to use their power to try to destroy the region. Now for the first time ever there is a “good” team called Team Plasma. They try to get rid of pokémon slavery caused by trainers in their belief.

So Pokemon Black and White is definitely new versions of the pokémon world. If it was not for Satoshi Tajiri creator of pokémon, these amazing series of games loved by many fans, would have never existed.

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New Pokemon World