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Avoiding acne’s assualt

All those fancy chemicals and potions that you covet for their anti-aging, moisturizing, skin brightening, pore clearing, acne-fighting properties don't respond well to neglect, excessive heat or contamination. Time for a clean cabinet sweep. (Bob Chamberlin/Los Angeles Times/MCT)

Sydney Esquer, Staff Writer

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The top issue that gets in the way of having a healthy complexion for a teen is acne.  Acne is a skin condition that affects more than ninety percent of all teens and is either caused by stress, plugged oil ducts, or it is inherited.

Teenagers produce a blistering hormone called androgen, this hormone causes the body’s pores to clog up and will produce blemishes on the face, shoulders, back, or chest.  Every teenager will produce androgen and without the proper care for your skin or complexion you will result in having blotchy, or uneven skin.

 Seventy-one percent of teenage girls use make-up in the United States.  Make-up clogs pores and will sometimes give you blotchy skin, if it is not washed off at night you will begin to break out.  Several make-up brands contain mineral oil, which is good for your skin to stay healthy.  Make-up such as bareMinerals and Neutrogena are special for caring for your skin, with those brands it is safe to wear it over night, but still risky.  If you have oily skin, wearing make-up will only make it worse. Removing the oils from the skin several times throughout the day is good for keeping the complexion clean and less shiny.  Using rice-paper to remove the oils is the safest, it prevents dirt and germs from getting on your skin.

Eighty-five percent of teenage boys play sports, and are physically active throughout the day, every day.  Being physically active, whether it be playing your favorite sport or walking from one class to another, causes the body to produce sweat and oils.  Sweat and oily skin is the number one obstacle that gets in the way of a teenage boy to have healthy skin.  As well as girls, if your skin is not cleansed either in the morning or at night, it will result in having clogged pores, blotchy skin, and acne.

Teenager Laura Rubio said, “When I would visit my dermatologist she never gave me a specific face wash, she said any bar soap would do the trick, as long as I washed at least once or twice a day and moisturized.”  Keeping your face clean is key to having healthy skin. Also an oil-free moisturizer will keep it from getting dry and stiff, without clogging pores.  Drinking at least 3 cups of water a day will purify your pores all over your body and will keep it clean and clear.

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Avoiding acne’s assualt