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‘Cover the Night’ causes mixed reactions

Alex Harper

'Cover the Night' is a protest action being organized by Invisible Children to raise awareness about Joseph Kony and the crimes he has been committing in Uganda.

Alex Harper, Staff Writer

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Joseph Kony has made recent news as one of the world’s largest criminals. He has committed multiple crimes including kidnapping, assault, murder, and many more. The Invisible Children organization has been working for the past nine years to end Kony’s actions. One of this organization’s goal is to open people’s eyes to who Kony actually is and the treacherous things he has done so they could stop him. In order to reach this goal, the organization plans to “Cover the Night”. On April 20, 2012, thousands of posters, stickers, and signs, representing Joseph Kony, will cover the streets all over the world.
“I think it’s important to be aware of global issues, but I don’t believe this will force U.S forces to act upon the terrible acts happening in Uganda. Instead, I think as a country, we should be focusing more on how we can help and solve the issues in our own country like homeless people or child abuse. I understand that the issues here in America may not seem as grave as the ones in Uganda, but it does not mean that they shouldn’t be solved. We need to fix our own problems before we can successfully help others,” said Daniela Ayala.

“I love the energy… and I love the idea of getting the word out about this criminal.

But the police have another name for what will happen during those early morning hours:
VANDALISM… If you’re planning a ‘Cover the Night’ event on April 20th, you should also plan a ‘Clean up our crap’ on April 21st,” stated high school pastor in Gilbert, Arizona, Ryan Guard. Although some people might view this as an ingenious way to propagate Joseph Kony, others perceive it as a criminal offense.
Not everyone is in full support of this movement; however, there are others who have been working hard to raise awareness of Kony’s actions. So, this Thursday, starting at midnight, those people, who are very passionate about this issue, will cover their home streets with ‘Kony 2012’ posters, while the rest of their city sleeps. On Friday, April 20, 2012, others will wake up to the thousands of Kony posters wondering what all of the hype is about, which will raise awareness. In other words, the Invisible Organization’s goal will have been successfully accomplished.

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‘Cover the Night’ causes mixed reactions