Apple releases (again) another iPad (again), customers flock to it (again)

Artwork by Beado

Michael Butler, News Editor

Apple has once again come out with a new product; the new iPad, with newer bells and whistles than the last model. To clarify, Apple is not calling it the iPad three or any other term, they have just referred back to the iPad. With the release of the new iPad, Apple customers are preparing to upgrade to the latest and greatest product. Among the “updates” from the iPad 2 are a faster processor, an upgraded display (which they are calling resolutionary), an upgraded camera, and 4G LTE capabilities. Within the first week of sales over 3 million of the new product have already been sold. “Its not really worth it to go out and buy a new one. I’m happy with the one I have already,” said Kofa student and iPad owner Riley Bache.

So far some customers have had some issues with the new iPad, these include, but are not limited to; trouble with connecting to WiFi, a heat issue, and a data limit complaint. To break it down quickly the WiFi has had a tendency to not maintain a connection, the backside of the iPad has been recorded to reach 116° F by Consumer Reports, and due to cellular contracts the 4G LTE uses up the limited data plan faster than the previous 3G version.

Some of the problems are already being remedied. For the WiFi issue Ian Paul; a writer for PC World, expects Apple to release a software update that will fix the problem. As per the heating issue there have been several solutions from draining the battery down and recharging it to Apple even saying they will replace the iPad via in store exchange. As for the data limit customers are out of luck for right now unless another cellular company starts working with Apple, or Verizon and AT&T become less limited.

Apple has built quite a reputation with the way in which they upgrade their products. Looking over the evolution of the devices it’s no wonder why Apple has been continuously doing so well. Looking at the differences between the iPad, iPad 2 and the new iPad an iPad user is better off to not upgrade unless they absolutely need the new features for business, not enjoyment purposes. If you want to buy something to play games on  purchase an actual gaming console because it will provide you with better graphics and a more user friendly interface than that of the iPad.

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