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Brown, cycling a good fit

Andrea Garcia Brown

Andrea Garcia Brown poses with her bicycle.

Christian Bustillo, Staff Writer

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Kofa High School provides a variety of after school activities to help students be involved. Andrea Garcia Brown is a prime example of a student athlete who has experimented with what was offered here, but looked outside of school to find a sport that fit her interest. Cycling was unique enough for her and has been involved in it for four years now.

“Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.” Once famously said by Lance Armstrong, now used by the sophomore as motivation. Brown is one of the few students that takes part in a sport called cycling. She competes in races that are held in Phoenix, Tucson, Globe, and Casa Grande. ”Typical weeks before race is a long ride on Monday and Wednesday and a crits, which are courses that are less than a mile long and are usually circle, oval or square shape made for speed, practice on Tuesday, Thursday is a short hard ride and Friday is rest up and carb up.” The farthest she has ever rode was around 100 miles. Her childhood friends, the Diaz brothers, were the ones that helped build up her commitment in relation to cycling. There were several options of sports Brown could strive for, but they were either boring or just too hard for her. Therefore, she ended up coming across cycling and stuck to it.

When people hear about cycling, the name Lance Armstrong and the Tour De France come to mind. Road cycling is the most popular type out there, particularly in Europe. Not only is it a mode of transportation, but it is also considered a professional sport. Cycling is not limited to a two-wheeled bike but unicycles, tricycles and quadra-cycles. There are various materials that the bicycle is created from. Bikes can be produced with steel, titanium, aluminum, carbon fiber, or a composite, which is a combination of materials. Prices for these bikes can range from $250.00 all the way to $500.00 depending on the brand. Velo Vie, Brown’s bike brand, means “Bike Life”, which the company believes in.

It took a couple years for her to figure out what sport she’s capable of doing. Many of the sports that most people are a part of she has experimented, but failed since it was to difficult for her or just to boring for her interest. Even though her longest ride was more than 100 miles, she still has the strength to get up and go and do it all over again. “Cycling is just different, and I am different, so I guess we are just a match made in heaven,” said Brown.

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The news site of Kofa High School
Brown, cycling a good fit