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Two tennis stand outs

Christian Bustillo

Santos Rangel and Michelle Manon are two of the top tennis players at Kofa this year.

Christian Bustillo, Staff Writer

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Santos Rangel and Michelle Manon are ranked number one on the varsity tennis ladder at Kofa High School for this year. Meaning, they have consistently improved as athletes. Tennis is one of the most widely played sports in the world. Although Rangel and Manon aren’t on a professional level they are slowly working themselves up.

Santos Rangel, a senior at Kofa, has been involved in tennis for six years. “Life can throw you down but you can choose to get back up,” said by Rangel, quoting Jackie Chan. He started in the summer of 2007 with Mr. Porfirio Gonzales as his personal trainer for two years. Once he started to attend Kofa, Coach Cain ended up being his coach for the past four years.

“He is facing some stiff competition this year but has the determination to compete and play hard to help himself and his team to win,” said coach Dean Cain. The reason why he joined tennis was because he wasn’t doing so well in soccer so his mom suggested to give tennis a try. Since then, he has been hooked on the sport and is currently playing on the varsity team for his school.

“It’s more painful to give up than giving it a try to succeed,” is a quote Manon goes by. Michelle Manon is currently a sophomore at Kofa and been participating in tennis since she was eight years old. Before a game one of the rituals she does is go for a 3-5 minute jog to clear out her head. Babolat is the name of the racket she uses to play, it cost her about $200. Porfirio Gonzales was also Manon’s personal trainer, but once she attended Kofa her new mentor was coach Montialli. Her influence on playing the sport was brought upon her from her grandfather. She doesn’t just play tennis, soccer is another sport she likes to go out and play for fun.

Tennis originated in Birmingham, England in the late 19th century as “lawn tennis.” It spread throughout the upper, English-speaking population before spreading around the world. To be able to become active in this sport you simply need a racket that has special string meant for tennis and have a tennis ball that is made out of a hollow rubber with a felt coating.

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Two tennis stand outs