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Camacho proves invaluable

Eva Lopez

Manny Camacho is not only a successful as an individual player but shares his talents and skills with his team as well.

Eva Lopez, Staff Writer

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The most valuable players at Kofa High School are selected based upon the overall best team player and their attitude. Baseball is part of the spring season sports. There were many talented students to choose from in the varsity team, yet only one player stood out from the rest.

“I think it is because I got better at pitching and I have improved in other ways,” said Junior Manuel “Manny” Camacho. Manny was chosen to be the varsity team’s MVP for the 2011-2012 season. He has a good attitude towards himself, his team, and his coach although he may be quiet and shy. Camacho plans to continue playing baseball in college. Camacho offers the team the ability to help teach other teammates needed skills to be a pitcher. He has been playing ever since he was about four or five years old.

Baseball is often called the all-American sport and an old-American pastime, besides football. This sport requires much agility, strength, determination and focus. All these skills combined help ensure a strong team. Baseball has evolved over time just like other sports. It originates from rounders and cricket. When immigrants from England came into the U.S. they brought their games with them which involved the basics of baseball.

Rounders was played with four bases just like baseball. The pitcher was called a feeder which tossed a ball to a striker, batter, who hit the ball with a stick. If the striker did not hit the ball three times then he was out. Also if the defender, formerly known as a catcher, caught it the striker would be out. The striker would also be out if a defender threw a ball and hit him as he ran. Cricket has around the same concept. There are 11 players, they play using innings and one of the main goals is to score runs. Cricket can last up to the afternoon or several days. An average time for a baseball game can be from either two to three hours.

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Camacho proves invaluable